Saturday, January 17, 2009

Said goodbye to Toad

Toad at Halloween this year...still looking pretty good.
Toad in February 2008. Enjoying the sun.

All three kitties in Jan 2008.

Our eldest kitty, Toad, has been sick for a while now, but acutely so in the past few months. We've known he's been sick, but since he's so elderly (almost 19), had decided to make his last few months as comfortable as possible, rather than subjecting him to treatment after treatment and extended stays in the vet clinic. Today, we took him to the vets as the past two days, he had stopped eating and there was a look about his eyes that told me he was in pain. He weighed only 4lbs. We let them run some blood tests. He was extremely anemic and other problems, too, but so anemic that he would need all of his blood replaced and immediately. That would be just for starters. We couldn't stomach putting him through all of that. We made the decision that it was his time to go. He went very peacefully. He was such a good kitty, and I cannot image my life now that he is no longer in it. I've had him since I turned 18. Marc and I are both a bit in shock and hurting. I miss him very much...

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