Monday, November 9, 2009

An update on our family

Marc and Brendan playing "football" yesterday. The rules they play by seem to mostly involve who can tickle the other the most.
Liam dressed up for Halloween. We took him to a few of our neighbors to say hello. Brendan decided he wanted to stay home and pass out candy, so that's all the trick or treating we did this year.

An update on the family:

The boys are both doing well. Brendan is doing fairly well in school. His academics are good and behavior-wise is doing well, too. We are seeing much improvement over last year. We are considering transferring him to another Montessori school (part of the same Charter as the one he goes to now) that's a 10 minute WALK from our house. I feel particulary silly that I didn't know about this campus. Seems like him going there is an opportunity for him to make friends in our neighborhood for a change. If this does happen, it won't be until the school year is over, though. It's a hard decision to make, as we have become very attached to the teachers at the campus he's going to now.

Liam is great...actually, that's his status quo! He's a pro with walking now, improving his skills daily and even attempting stairs standing up on occasion. He can clearly say "ball" and "dog." He's also got a small army of molars, although he still has some left to come through. He decided a little while back he wants nothing to do with baby food, so he's pretty much gone from just bottles to bottles and adult food, abeit cut up. He's startlingly quick, and seems to understand most everything we say. When asked for his shoes, he goes to get them. When asked to lie down on the changing table so I can change his diaper, he does (well, SOME of the time, anyway!). He's into EVERYTHING, which means we are in full use of various locking mechanisms and swearing under our breaths when we forget to lock up. He watches us closely and is right on us when we don't lock up. Within seconds, the contents are strewn about the floor.

We'll be spending Thanksgiving with Marc's mom and gram and then we'll be home for Christmas. I'm excited about spending Christmas at home. It'll be the first time in 15 years or so that we've planned to do that! I've already knitted personalized stockings for the boys and am planning to fill them in the usual Wilkendorf manner. :) My personal tribute to grandad! I have a zillion details buzzing about in my head on what I'd like to do and what might be fun for the boys. I feel like I'm 7 years old again!