Monday, September 17, 2007

Hemlock Ring Blanket, Josephine, Falling In Love updates

I've got 10 more rows to go till the Hemlock Ring Blanket is complete. Photos will need to wait till after bindoff, as the blanket is scrunched up on my needles. Each row has 400+ stitches on them now, so each row is painstakingly long. I understand the bindoff takes a LOT more yarn than the other rows, too, so I expect that to take a long time. When it's done, it'll be Brendan's. Can't wait to see it off the needles! I'll share a photo when I take one.

I'm also continuing with Josephine and Falling In Love. I've completed the back of Josephine and am on the right front. I'm still working on the first sock for Falling in Love.

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