Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Rogue troubles from the get-go

I have cast on...twice now...for rogue. The first time was fine and was about 6 rows into the body. I set the needles and yarn down to run some errands. Apparently I did not put these in a safe enough place, as when I got home, the skein of yarn was on the living room floor and the string of yarn wound to the base of the Christmas tree, where it disappeared underneath. I had to get down flat on my stomach to peer underneath the tree to finally see what was left of my knitting. I pull it out as gently as I can and after inspecting the damage, see that it is irreparable. At least, not without being noticeable. :((( I frogged and cast on again. I don't know which of our 3 cats is to blame, but just to be on the safe side, they are all on my shit list right now! The yarn is becoming less wound and the fibers are separating. It's more difficult to work with now. If I have to frog again, I'll have to cut off the first several yards before I cast on again. Big bummer! Wish me luck!

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